Beige Dusk Greys: An Introduction

I am a sucker for impeccable packaging and enticing scents.

I love Etsy. I mean, L-O-V-E! I can look at things for hours. I personally like to support small businesses and people who make their own things.

I have been looking for more options for organic or vegan beauty products. I have become more conscious of what I put on and in my body. Our skin is our largest organ and when I think about that I realize that there is a lot of stuff in the products I use that I don’t want on, in, or near me. I realize I can’t avoid everything but I am still making the conscious effort to choose items with ingredients I can pronounce.

While scrolling through Etsy recently for some new face items I stumbled across a shop called Beige Dusk Greys. The pictures of the items for sell are aesthetically pleasing and I wanted to buy one of everything. Instead of going broke, I settled on buying the Skin Care set.



The skin care set comes with:

Dark Skies Face Wash Bar

Mini Tin of Rose Dust Polishing Grains

Jinx Removing Botanical Toner

Sample Bottle of The Cure Face Serum

All this goodness for $17 (plus shipping)

I started using the face wash bar and toner as soon as they arrived earlier this week. I love them both. She also included another bar of soap and a lip balm. I haven’t had a chance to try the other items in the set or the bar of soap, but I am sure I will be impressed.

Look for a full review of each item in a couple of weeks!  For now, check out the shop on etsy!

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