Make Your Own Hair Gel

Making your own natural hair gel is pretty simple. Follow me…

flax seed gel 2 S

Okay, since wearing my hair out in it’s natural state I have found all these recipes to make my own hair care items. My favorite thus far is a recipe for Flax Seed Hair Gel. Trust me, it is not as daunting as it sounds and it makes your hair look and feel amazing and it will be shiny!!!

What do you need?

flax seed gel 1

1/4 Cup of Flax Seeds

2 Cups of Water


Pantyhose to strain the gel (cheap or old ones works great)

A container (glass would be best, trust me!!)

flax seed gel 3 S

Measure your 1/4 Cup Flax Seeds

flax seed in water S

When you add your flax seeds and get the water boiling, make sure to stir often because the flax seeds will stick to the pan. When it starts boiling watch as the water gets thicker. I boiled my flax seeds for about 5 minutes (depending on your stove). Just watch for when the water starts getting thicker. You don’t want it too thick because you still need to strain the gel from the flax seeds.

flax seed gel 5

Next, take your container and put the foot end of the pantyhose in the container and stretch the top part over the rim of the container. That way when you pour your flax seeds in the pantyhose you don’t make a big mess AND the gel will start draining right away.

flax seed gel 4

To speed up the straining process, gently squeeze the pantyhose with the tongs to make the gel come out faster. Go from the top of the pantyhose to the bottom and hold the pantyhose over your container so the gel can ooze into it.

flax seed gel 6

And, TA-DA, you have made your own hair gel. You can add whatever essential oils you like or leave it plain! Store the gel in you fridge and it will last up 12-14 days in your refrigerator.

And check out these amazing results I got with my hair after using the flax seed gel + a shea butter mixture.

flax seed twist out 2

flax seed twist out

My hair came out soft, moisturized, and defined.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Have you tried flax seed gel?

Oh yes, the total cost to make this was .91 cents!! That was thr cost of the flax seeds.

Electric Blue

The pop of color on the lower lash line is my new favorite thing. 

stila and australis 3

I used two palettes to get this look.

Stila’s In the Know palette

stila palette

I used the orange color from this palette called “Fire” and “Clay” as the base color. Stila’s  In the Know palette is a great matte palette if you are on the hunt for one.


Australis’s Neons and Neutrals palette

australis collage

I used the electric blue color from the neon colors.

close up of stila and australis

Other items used:

  • Rimmel’s pop lash mascara in purple
  • Maybelline’s big eyes  mascara in black (as the base)
  • NYX creme blush in orange
  • Anastasia’s dip brow pomade in ebony
  • Erzulie Cosmetics liquid mineral foundation in medium tan, Hekate lipstick, and Megastar goddess glaze


How do you feel about the pop of color on the lower lash line?

Highlighting Is Powerful

Highlighting can totally change your look…

Eye lite before and after collage stamp

Isn’t that awesome?!

I used Erzulie Cosmetics Eylite pencil. In the above picture, I am not wearing any mascara. The pencil helped give me a more defined eyebrow arch and look more awake when applied to the inner corner of my eye.

To be honest, I never understood the purpose of highlighting. After using the eyelite pencil I fully understand why someone would want to highlight their brow bone and inner corner of their eye.

eyelite pencil 2 etta's threads

eyelite pencil etta's threads

before and after eyelite with makeup

After I applied my eye makeup.

It is an amazing pencil and one that I can truly recommend to others. The eyelite pencil can be used on all skin tones.

Do you highlight certain areas of your face?

You can find the Eyelite pencil HERE

I create YouTube videos for Erzulie Cosmetics. Clicking on links or purchasing from Erzulie does not benefit me in anyway. I work with Erzulie purely for my own pleasure and because I want to show you the finest,affordable natural and organic makeup. I provide honest reviews on all products.

Final Holiday Glimmer

Farewell and good riddance to 2013..

Before I present my final post of 2013…

I wanted to share the last look of the Holiday Glimmer series. Donna-Marie is my sister from another mister and my very first blogging friend. Her blog The Beauty Holder and her are amazing!

She created a New Year’s Eve look.

donna marie

donna marie 2

Gorgeous, right?

She used…

  • MAC STUD Eyebrow Pencil 
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (as shadow base)
  • SLEEK Eyeshadow in from the Ultra Matt palette collection (on the lid, blended into crease)
  • No name silver glitter liner over the shadow on the lid
  • Ardell Demi Wispies Lashes with DUO eyelash adhesive
  • INGLOT under makeup base 
  • NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in New Orleans 
  • MAC Mineralised Skin Finish in Dark and Deep Dark 
  • No blush or concealer on this look 
  • Berry Couture Lipstick by REVLON 
  • NYX Smokey Look lipgloss

Working With Brands

Technically, you are selling yourself…


Blogging is my outlet and I do it because I truly enjoy it. As a result of putting in work, I have received opportunities to work with brands. A brand is a company, no matter how large or small. After researching on the internet I found that there was not a whole lot of information on working with brands and how to conduct and protect yourself as a blogger. I have thought of and created a list of things I wish I knew when I started working with brands. Please note that if you are new to blogging that blogging takes work and time, things aren’t just going to fall in your lap.

  • You, yourself, are a brand You have created a brand for yourself whether you are a blogger, YouTube guru, or social media mogul. Your name and face are attached to something that a larger population can recognize you by. You are presenting your ideas, thoughts, tips, tricks, etc for everyone else to use. Your brand can be powerful if you have a clear focus and present yourself well. Think of all the famous bloggers and YouTube people that have created a name for themselves.
  • Always remember, no one owes you a damn thing If you ever approach a brand or are approached by a brand remember that they do not owe you anything and you do not owe them anything. Nothing is owed, to either person, until a clear and mutual agreement is met.
  • Do not be a pest I was speaking with a company owner that said they get up to 25 e-mails a day of people asking them for free product for review. First off, rewind and ask yourself “Have I given them any reason on this earth to want to work with me?”. Many brands already have clear cut guidelines of what they want and expect from their promoters. Make sure you are meeting their guidelines and that you are giving them a reason to want to work with you. If they turn you down then ask them what you can do to improve. DO NOT continuously e-mail and pester a company, they do not like and in turn will not like you.
  • Beware of your mouth If on your blog, YouTube videos, Facebook page, etc you are bashing companies and calling them out by name chances are NO ONE will want to work with you. Trust me, there is a nice way to say you didn’t like a product or aren’t to fond of a company. Your mouth can get you in loads of trouble and remember things travel so fast on social media.
  • Give people a reason to want to work with you Present yourself in a way that people and brands want to work with you.
  • Is it worth it? Before working with someone or a brand ask yourself “Is it worth my time and effort?” meaning are you going to receive back the rewards for the work you provide. Also, know what the benefits of working with a particular brand are. How are they paying you for the time you put into promoting their brand?
  • Know the guidelines and expectations Know what is expected of you and have a clear written agreement. Make sure that this is all in writing in case you need to refer back to it.

If you are a beginner blogger and reading this remember that what you put in is what you get. Believe it or not, blogging does take work and is time consuming. If you are starting blogging for fame or for free product you aren’t going to get very far if that is your only focus. You need to focus on your content and presenting that content well enough that people want to continue to see it.

These are just a few points that I think are good if you are ever considering working with a brand. Above all, HAVE FUN!!

Have you had an opportunity to work with a brand yet?