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I love bright colors. End of story.

blue net sweater

Simple and comfy!




Oxford Shirts and Pencil Skirts

A few weeks ago I was on Sylvie’s website Sylvie’s Fashion Secrets and she had written a post about A Man’s White Shirt and it inspired me to rummage through my husband’s closet to see what he had that I could wear. I found a Tommy Hilfiger Oxford shirt.

oxford shirts and pencil skirts pic  oxford shirts and pencil skirts 2 pic

Although, the shirt is not white. I think it still has the same affect!

“On a man, it is crisp, clean, and conservative. But throw it on a woman`s body, and the thing sizzles. It quietly whispers suggestions of morning-after dressing, which may or may not be the case, but it does raise the question. And perhaps that`s why seeing a woman in a man`s white shirt makes women a tad jealous and men more than a tad intrigued…”

From Sylvie’s Website Sylvie’s Fashion Secrets

Thank you dear Sylvie for the inspiration! xo

Do you ever rummage through your mates closet?

X’s and O’s