Day 6 – Favorite Flat Diaper Folds

I have taken a liking to a few folds.

The Jo Fold- This one provides the best fit for J. I can get it snug around the back and legs. I can also customize how many layers of absorption.


The Origami Fold- This fold provides a lot of layers of absorption and the fit is great. The wings are long and it is a fold  I can use for a long while. This fold actually contained a poopy mess, I was impressed.


The Diaper Bag Fold-  This fold provides all the absorption in the front. That is where boys need the most absorption. It fits around his waist snugly and the legs need to be rolled in.


The Pad Fold – Easiest fold, lots of layers of absorption,  and I use it on the go. The pad fold does not require the use of pins or a snappi.


The first 3 folds will perform better, when it comes to poop, if the legs are rolled in. The diaper bag fold has the loosest fit around J’s legs so I have to remember to roll them in. To get them to fit under a cover, the legs will need to be tucked in.

What folds do you like? Is there one that you always use?

Day 5 – How Do You Wash Flat Diapers?

I can’t believe I have made it 5 days. Believe you me, I have been staring at my washer while I scrub away at diapers in the utility sink. I must admit that it hasn’t been as bad as everyone told me it would be. When I tell people I am CHOOSING to handwash my son’s diapers for a week they give me an odd stare.

I have enjoyed it for the most part. The only time I cringe is when I get done washing J’s diapers and he decides to poop! Even then, it is no big deal because I just throw it in the utility sink until a few more diapers are soiled.

For the past week, I have been washing J’s diapers by hand in my utility sink. It has a washboard built into it so it has made things easier when it comes to scrubbing and stains.

Step One.

  • I do a cold rinse and scrub all the diapers so at least some of the pee and poop is off of the diaper. I try not to wash more than 7 at a time. The most I have washed at one time is 7 and that was enough for me!!


Step Two.

  • I fill up the sink using warm water. I then add either 1 – 2 tablespoons of detergent, depending on how many flats I have.


Step Three.

  • I walk away and let them soak. Sometimes I forget about them for a few hours and sometimes I remember 15 minutes later.

Step Four.

  • When I get back to the diapers, I scrub them using the wash board. Once I am done scrubbing one, I lay it on the side of the sink. I found if I don’t do that I am then washing the same diaper over and over again!


Step Five.

  • After step 4, I ring out the diapers. I then drain the wash water and turn the cool water back on and rinse the diapers. To conserve water between each diaper I turn water off while wringing them out. Turning the water off not only saves water but it also allows me to see if there are any suds left over.


Step Six.

  • I hang them out to dry. Before hanging I would recommend wringing one more time. It is amazing how much water they hold!


I have learned that a simple wash routine is good and sufficient for, not only flat diapers, but all cloth diapers. If it works for you, don’t tweak it! I learned that the hard way. We had a wash routine that was working and I decided to switch it up due to someone else’s suggestion. It didn’t work well for my son and he started getting rashes and was uncomfortable. Trust me when I say, if it works for you it is okay that it doesn’t work for someone else.

Keeping the wash routine simple also allows me to know that when we start traveling this summer I will be able to wash his diapers and not have to carry a whole lot with us!

I love flats!

Are you taking the challenge? How has washing gone for you? Do you handwash clothing as well?

Out On the Town With Flat Diapers

I woke up earlier than I would have liked this morning.  M woke with the roosters and J was up shortly after him. Since J woke up a little earlier than usual he hasn’t wanted much to do with anything unless he is nursing or being worn. But, today was a good day. We still went out and about.

When we go out, I always make sure to carry a few essentials in my bag ALWAYS!


I take 3 flat diapers with me because I have found that to be a good number. There have been times where we have been out and J will poo, I change him,  and he poops again. I figured it is necessary to have at least 3.

A snappi to hold the diaper on him. He typically is already wearing the snappi so I rarely ever have to carry it.

I carry a wetbag that has 2 pockets. The outside pocket,  I use for wipes, cream,  diapers etc. Basically whatever I put in there. The main larger pocket I use for all soiled diapers. Keeps my diaper bag from messes and smells. If I forget the wetbag (which I often do) I will use a plastic grocery bag or zip lock bag. I usually have one or the other in my car.

Wipes. Wet and dry. You can never have enough wipes in my opinion. I keep the wet ones in the container and the dry ones float around in the diaper bag. It isn’t fun trying to clean up a huge poop with 2 or 3 wipes.

Peri bottle with water. This comes in handy believe you me! If I forget wet wipes or the mess is huge, I know I have enough water to clean him up.

2 extra covers. Typically J is already in a cover so that makes 3 unless he soils one. I like to have 2 so that way I know he will have a clean cover. Hopefully!

These are the items that are with us all the time. Sometimes I forget things, so I have gotten in the habit of making sure all these items stay in my bag.

What items do you always have to have?

Would I see cloth diapers as an option if they weren’t modernized and we didn’t have a washer and dryer?

The whole reason we started cloth diapering was to know J would always have diapers and to save money…

When I found out I was pregnant with J and I started looking around on the internet and joining mommy boards, I learned about cloth diapers. At first I was skeptical. I wondered how I would be able to keep up with diaper laundry when I can barely keep up with regular laundry. I loved the idea of savings but I didn’t know if it was something I could keep up with.

I remember when M was little and there were times where I had to stretch X amount of money until payday. It pained me to have to put $20+ towards a box of diapers that may or may not last us until payday. I never, ever, wanted to be in that position again. We never had to reuse one of M’s dirty diapers or have him in one for an unreasonable amount of time, but we did have to choose diapers over food or gas to get to work. There were times I scrounged up change just to get gas so I could get my husband and I back and forth to work. You see, we made enough not to qualify for any assistance but not enough to not live paycheck to paycheck. Interesting how the system works, but that is another conversation for another day.

We decided within the first few months of my pregnancy that we would use cloth diapers for J. We wanted the peace of mind that he would always have diapers that were clean and ready to go. We also wanted to be able to save money wherever we could without compromising another area of our life.

When I decided to take part in this challenge originally I wanted to raise awareness to the fact that flats are universal and socioeconomic status should not determine whether or not a baby has clean diapers. I then asked myself if I had to hand wash all the time, would I still cloth diaper?

Would I still cloth diaper without my luxurious washer and dryer?Would I still cloth diaper without all the bells and whistles of modern cloth diapers?


Yes, I would. I know it would be hard and time consuming. However, that is unimportant because I have the peace of mind knowing my son will always have clean diapers. So far this challenge has taught me that having a washer and dryer is a luxury. It is one that I have taken for granted and now I realize how grateful I am to be able to have a washer and dryer.I have also learned that I love flats and I wish I would have invested in some in the beginning.

When you first start using cloth diapers it is always good to have a variety so that you are able to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Flats were one thing we didn’t have until a couple weeks ago and since they have arrived that is all we have been using. Flats are economical and are not as hard to use as it may seem at first. It takes a few tries to get a fold just right or to learn how to use pins or a snappi but I find it enjoyable. This challenge has caused me to start selling my son’s pocket diapers and hybrids because I have fallen in love with flats. They wash up nicely, and since they are natural fibers, rashes are less likely to happen and his eczema doesn’t become irritated and flare up. Also, after adding up how much it cost for our current stash of flats and covers it has come out much cheaper than what we have spent on pockets and hybrids!!

If you use cloth diapers, and modern cloth diapers weren’t an option, would you still use cloth diapers?

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