Clothing, Pregnancy, and Organizing

Pregnancy is not the end of your style…


In all honesty, at about 11 weeks my normal clothes started to irritate me. I knew I would soon be buying maternity clothes but before I even went out and bought a new maternity wardrobe (I don’t suggest doing that) I took a peek in my closet.

I thought of some tips that will help you sift through your closet and decide what you want to do with your clothing.

Go through your closet. If you have not worn it in a year chances are you will probably not being wearing it this year either. There were a lot of items in my closet that were just sitting there looking pretty. I made a pile to give away and a pile to sell on my Threadflip account. There were a few pairs of shoes and a couple of shirts and dresses that I wanted to sell because the items were only worn once. The items I chose to give away are gently used items that need to go to someone who will actually use them.

Pregnancy is not the end of your style. Please do not get this idea that pregnant women cannot be fashionable, because we can be! There are plenty of affordable,stylish maternity clothes for mamas to be.

Some of your current tops may fit you throughout your pregnancy. I have quite a few loose fitting or strechy tops hanging in my closet that I find comfortable enough to wear while I am pregnant. I am always about comfort but even more so now that I am growing a human. Go through your closet and decide on which items you may be able to wear throughout your pregnancy. None of my jeans fit, but I have quite a few tops and dresses I will continue to wear.

Don’t assume you will never get back to your pre-pregnancy size. Don’t go giving away or selling your pre-pregnancy clothes because you are now pregnant! Chances are you will fit back into your most comfy pre-pregnancy jeans quicker than you think.

Space bags are an awesome way to store your pre-pregnancy clothes. I don’t like a lot of clutter, especially in my room. I would rather have something look almost bare instead of fill it with a bunch of unneeded items. After going through my closet and getting rid of stuff I won’t ever wear again I put the stuff I will wear after the baby comes into space bags.

What the heck is a space bag?


I found a few boxes of space bags at home depot on clearance for $3 and that I would give them a try. You can really use space bags for just about anything but I use them for clothes because obviously I have a shopping problem. I honestly buy more clothes than I do makeup, shocking right?!

You can put a whole seasons wardrobe into an extra large space bag and it will deduce it to this:


All you need is a vacum to the suck the air out an you can store it almost anywhere. I just store mine underneath my bed because I am not a fan of totes. However, if I were to store them in the garage or attic then I would put the space bag in a tote first.


Keep in mind that these tips can be used for organizing your room as well. Trust me, it’s really easy. I am a walking contradiction because I don’t like clutter but I am not an organized person when it comes things such as my closet. Find an organizational method that you like can help you become organized which is what I am doing!

How do you organize and store your clothing?



I love going to a shop and finding things that speak to me…

I went to my favorite thrift shop and picked up some new treasures. I have found that thrift shops that are like boutiques have much better finds.

World Market Bag

Patina is a local thrift shop that always has the most unique items. The owner of the shop had this bag on her sorting rack. I knew it wasn’t out yet but I had to check it out because it was so unique and vibrant…needless to say I brought it home with me.  My birthday is right around the corner so this bag is going to be incorporated into my birthday outfit!!

statement makeup

I also picked up this statement necklace. I love the gold and the the sprinkles of paint on the circle piece. I purchased this to go with a dress I also bought that is straight from the 90’s. There is nothing like finding an amazing statement piece at an affordable price.

Remember, thrift shops can be your best friend. I am on a budget and I want to get the most bang for my buck and thrift shops provide me with that.  Plus, I really like vintage pieces and unique things and thrift shops, like Patina, feed my craving.

Do you go thrift shopping? What have you found that you love?

The Sun and A Pop Of Color

Just because the weather may suck during winter doesn’t mean your color selection has to as well…

pop of color

I know it’s so cliche to talk about the weather but the weather here has been absolutely beautiful! I enjoy the sun while it is out  and so does my little dog Cairo.

Even if the sun wasn’t out, I would still wear my bright yellow shirt and bright blue scarf. I think it’s ridiculous that when the weather changes people stop wearing bright and cheery colors. I think everyday deserves a little pop of color!

Do you switch the colors in your wardrobe from season to season?

Blue Knit

I love knit just as much as I love lace…

winter ready

I am in love with knit clothing items! During this winter season I crave all things cozy. Probably the one thing I love about winter is the clothing. Since I am not meant for weather conditions such as snow, ice, and rain I have started to learn the art of layering. Oh, what? You didn’t know I was meant to be running around on a beach with sand between my toes! A girl can dream right?!

Anyways, so what sparked my interest in layering? This very picture right here:

free people layering

I saw a post on how to layer on the Free People Blog during the summer and I fell in love.

Then I also saw this Vogue ad and thought she looked so AMAZING:

vogue layering

Layering is really simple. It looks complicated because of the amount of threads you’re dealing with but it is all about what makes you feel cozy and comfortable during these cold winter months! Stay tuned for more posts on layering and other winter style favorites.

Stay Warm,