Out On the Town With Flat Diapers

I woke up earlier than I would have liked this morning.  M woke with the roosters and J was up shortly after him. Since J woke up a little earlier than usual he hasn’t wanted much to do with anything unless he is nursing or being worn. But, today was a good day. We still went out and about.

When we go out, I always make sure to carry a few essentials in my bag ALWAYS!


I take 3 flat diapers with me because I have found that to be a good number. There have been times where we have been out and J will poo, I change him,  and he poops again. I figured it is necessary to have at least 3.

A snappi to hold the diaper on him. He typically is already wearing the snappi so I rarely ever have to carry it.

I carry a wetbag that has 2 pockets. The outside pocket,  I use for wipes, cream,  diapers etc. Basically whatever I put in there. The main larger pocket I use for all soiled diapers. Keeps my diaper bag from messes and smells. If I forget the wetbag (which I often do) I will use a plastic grocery bag or zip lock bag. I usually have one or the other in my car.

Wipes. Wet and dry. You can never have enough wipes in my opinion. I keep the wet ones in the container and the dry ones float around in the diaper bag. It isn’t fun trying to clean up a huge poop with 2 or 3 wipes.

Peri bottle with water. This comes in handy believe you me! If I forget wet wipes or the mess is huge, I know I have enough water to clean him up.

2 extra covers. Typically J is already in a cover so that makes 3 unless he soils one. I like to have 2 so that way I know he will have a clean cover. Hopefully!

These are the items that are with us all the time. Sometimes I forget things, so I have gotten in the habit of making sure all these items stay in my bag.

What items do you always have to have?