This is true. I know that as soon as I think of something that I want to do, I start doubting myself. When I direct my focus with persistence and determination I am able to achieve things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to.

I was talking to my friend Karen of KP Says and she told me that the sacrifices I make now will allow me to be able to do what I want in the future. That advice resonated with me and I have heard it in my mind since she said it.

Right now, I am a mother, wife, and full time college student. I often times have thought to myself life would be so much easier if I just dropped out of school to go back to work. In reality, no life wouldn’t be easier. I wouldn’t progress and I would end up regretting it.  I love to learn, I crave to learn and with that knowledge I am going to achieve great things. I am willing to make whatever sacrifices I need to so that my family and I can have a better future.

I have always been one to look at life as a whole. Meaning, I realize that what I do and focus on right now is going to affect my future. For example, my husband’s family lives in New York City. We can’t go every year like we want to because it is financially unrealistic. Yes, it would be amazing to see them and for them to be able to see our son. But, bills don’t stop coming because you want to enjoy life. I know that in a few years when I graduate from college we will be able to see them once a year like we dream about.

This whole conversation started because Karen had a review of a Chanel lipstick she bought. I said “Splurging on makeup every once is awhile is okay right?” and she said “No, it’s not okay!”. I absolutely love when people are blunt and honest with me. Karen is older than me and when she was in her 20’s she made the necessary sacrifices so that she is able to travel where she wants and indulge in things that are high end.  At this point in MY life, no, it’s not okay for me to be splurging on makeup, clothes, or anything that is not a necessity. I need to remain focused on the bigger picture and that is eventually we will be able to go where we want and buy what we please. Right now, we are are making the necessary sacrifices so that we can do just that.

I felt the need to share this with you all of you because I feel like we live in a time where no one really does direct their focus. Everyone wants that instant gratification even if it does mean that they will go without necessities. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to go to school and be a full time mom. A lot of people would kill for that and I am not going to take it for granted. Funny, the lessons you learn from makeup…

So, what is your focus?


One Last Look

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

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Happy New Year to each of you!! I hope you have another great and blessed year xo

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for 2014. I love the feeling of starting fresh and anew. When I was younger, my family moved around a lot. My dad would change jobs to provide a better life for our family. One of my favorite things about moving was the fresh start that I got each time I moved. Granted, it sucked having to make new friends and get used to a new place but I always took it as an opportunity to reinvent myself.

Just because 2014 is staring me in the face I don’t want to forget 2013. I have experienced so much and each experience has helped shape me into the person that is writing these words to you. Even though we are starting a new year, do not forget the good memories. It is healthy to let go of things that have held you back. I know it is easier said then done but don’t dwell on the past because doing so will only bring your past into your future. Take this opportunity to start anew.

I am not one for new year’s resolutions. I make clear short term goals for myself that will help me reach goals that I only dream of for the future. Two of my main short term goals for this year are becoming more organized to curb the procrastination problem I have and to take better care of my body. So far, I have been doing well by taking baby steps. I learned quickly that when you make goals they do not happen over night. They take time and dedication.

With these words, my friend, have a safe and happy new year’s eve and I will write to you all next year!!



Have you made any goals for yourself?