Some Threads and Makeup

Today, it’s all about the top…

47 Ronin 4

I was on my way to go see 47 Ronin with my hubby.

47 Ronin 2

This has to be one of my favorite tops…of all time. I got it from Mango on clearance for $4.99. Ladies and Gents, have no fear of the clearance rack.

47 Ronin with stamp

Winged eyeliner and dark lips to finish the look!

What about the movie? The movie 47 Ronin was a great movie and I really loved the story.

Any movie recommendations?


Ipsy-On the Wild Side & Sample Sunday

Ipsy is my first, and as of now, my only monthly beauty subscription. I subscribed in December of 2012 and I haven’t totally loathed a bag yet! There may be some things in a bag that I do not like but I either give them away or save them for when I am feeling creative. No big deal. I like Ipsy, not only because of their products, but the fact it only cost $10 a month to subscribe. Which is great if you are on a budget or want to try new products without shelling out a lot of money first.

I wanted to share with you what is in this months “Glam Bag”. The theme for this month is “On the Wild Side”.


What we have here my lovelies is:


J. Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette. This is body glitter that is meant to be used when doing body art. Which can be useful if you are going to a festival or any occasion that calls for a bit of glitter.


Cailyn line fix gel eyeliner WITH  a built in brush. This is my favorite product this month. The color is not a bright purple when you put it on your eyes. It is actually closer to a plum color.


Nyx mosaic powder. This is meant to be a blush but when I put it on it had a bronzing affect to it.


Starlooks lip liner pencil in tickle me pink. It has a smooth texture and I attempted to enter the “Ombre Lip Challenge” on Ipsy and this is how it came out.


For this look, I used the Starlooks lip liner in tickle me pink and Miliani sweet nectar lipstick.

The only item from my glam bag that I have not listed is the dry shampoo. Why? Because I wouldn’t use a dry shampoo. Although girls on Ipsy are saying it is a good to use to add volume to your hair.

DSCN0170 DSCN0171

This is the lip liner in tickle me pink and the Cailyn gel liner. The one on the left is without flash and the one on the right is with flash.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! Now, my favorite sample is the Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl luminizing body butter. I received it in last month’s glam bag and it is my favorite product right now. It adds a hint of shimmer, smells divine, and moisturizes. It has coconut oil, pearl powder (crushed pearls), and sea minerals in it. Every time I put it on people ask me what I am wearing and the smell lasts for hours. So, if you are sensitive to smell or do not like coconut it may not be a good product for you. I personally feel this is a must have for summer time!


If you are interested in receiving a monthly glam bag from Ipsy for only $10, simply click the link and get glam!! If you want to try out the luminizing body butter from Pacifica, which I highly recommend, visit their website here and shine on!

Thank you for sharing your Sunday with me. Take care and stay beautiful!! x0