Thursday’s Threads

I love bright colors. End of story.

blue net sweater

Simple and comfy!




Knots & Chains

red top 3

red top

red top 2

I fell in love with these shorts as soon as I saw them on the rack at JCP. When I purchased them they were on clearance for $4.99 with an extra 25% off of that. The shirt was the same price as well. This is one summer find I am extremely proud of.

Interested in these threads?!

Shorts: Decree

Shirt: Similar

Some of you may ask, where is your bag?

It’s not that I don’t carry one or that I am not into them I just forget to grab it most the time for my pictures. Plus, I just want you to see what threads I am rocking for the day.

What item have you found this summer that you are oh so happy about?!