A gorgeous purse and eye catching jewelry always make me smile…

luxe 2

I won a giveaway not that long ago that was hosted by Mo from Belle of the Bean. She has some amazing style and this giveaway was a big win for me!!! I have been on the hunt for new, affordable jewelry but I haven’t found anything that spoke to me. When Mo announced this giveaway, I had to enter because every single item was screaming that it needed to be in my life!!

Above you see: a purse from Arden B., a necklace and bracelet set from Arden B., necklace and earrings from Adorned Boutique, and a necklace that says “DREAM” from BCBGenteration.

Thank you so much Mo!! I love each of the pieces!!

Ladies and Gents, go check out her blog Belle of the Bean for your daily dose of dopeness xo



I love going to a shop and finding things that speak to me…

I went to my favorite thrift shop and picked up some new treasures. I have found that thrift shops that are like boutiques have much better finds.

World Market Bag

Patina is a local thrift shop that always has the most unique items. The owner of the shop had this bag on her sorting rack. I knew it wasn’t out yet but I had to check it out because it was so unique and vibrant…needless to say I brought it home with me.  My birthday is right around the corner so this bag is going to be incorporated into my birthday outfit!!

statement makeup

I also picked up this statement necklace. I love the gold and the the sprinkles of paint on the circle piece. I purchased this to go with a dress I also bought that is straight from the 90’s. There is nothing like finding an amazing statement piece at an affordable price.

Remember, thrift shops can be your best friend. I am on a budget and I want to get the most bang for my buck and thrift shops provide me with that.  Plus, I really like vintage pieces and unique things and thrift shops, like Patina, feed my craving.

Do you go thrift shopping? What have you found that you love?

Makeup Junkies New Year Swap

Sign up to participate in the Makeup Junkies New Year Swap. All you need to be is a lover of Makeup!!

Makeup Junkies Swap #1

Makeup Junkie New Year Swap:

Welcome to the Makeup Junkie New Year Swap.  This is the first swap, of many, that I will be hosting on my blog. The purpose of this swap is to unite makeup junkies around the globe so they can swap beauty goodies! I have participated in a few beauty swaps and it has always been a fun and great experience.

If you are interested in participating, please read the rules and sign up using the Google Docs form. I will also be creating a Facebook group that all of us can connect on.

I will be pairing up each of you. Please let me know through Google Docs if you want to swap with someone overseas or in your country.  Also, only fill out the google docs if you can commit to swapping.

Sign up closes January 20th and partners will be announced January 22nd. Packages should be mailed no later than the 10th of February, unless you come to a mutual agreement with your partner to ship on a later date.


1. Follow my blog by e-mail, so you can stay up to date on the swap information.

2. Email Partner within 72 hours (3 days) of receiving match. If you do not hear from your partner, please let me know and I can re-assign you.

3. Each package should contain a minimum of $15 USD (or currency equivalent) worth of product and should have at least one full size item.

4. Please include at least 5 items in your package.

5. Items must be new

6. Please mail packages no later than the 10th of February unless another agreement is made with your partner.

7. Please make sure you have a Facebook or Twitter account.

Sign Up Here Using This Link!

I am the host of this swap but I am not liable for any lost, stolen, or unsent packages. I have participated in other swaps and have not had a problem but I felt that needed to be stated. Tracking can be extremely expensive if you are sending from the U.S. to overseas.

Please make yourself aware of custom restrictions and what can and cannot be sent.

Above all, have fun!! Once the swap is complete, please take time to post, tweet, instagram, facebook, etc. whatever you got!! 

Feel free to leave a little about yourself in the comments below.

Statement Jewelry is Essential


Again, I was browsing through Target for things I don’t need. I stumbled upon this clearance jewelry and decided I couldn’t leave the store without these pieces. The red one cost $3.74, the bracelet cost $2.04, and the bronze/gold colored necklace cost $3.74.

I am telling you, shop the clearance sections of stores and you can find some amazing items.

I always have jewelry on, whether it be just my earrings or sometimes I have a necklace, earrings, bracelet, and my watch. It all depends on how it flows with my threads. Keep in mind, it is all about what you are happy with. If you are happy with what you are wearing, your confidence will shine through!



Long Hair…Don’t Care

hair 2  I need the smell of summer, I need its noises in my ear…  -Brand New

hair 4  hair 5

Today was one of those makeup-less days. My hair stylist came to town today, not only did she do my hair, she brought me this cute necklace as well. I love it!! On another note, the sun finally came out today. Three days with no sun is not at all fun. I crave the sun, I will always be a Texas girl!

How are things on your part of the planet?