Current Favorites For My Lips

I have been wearing these two lip items as if my life depended on it…

Fave lip products

L’Oreal Le Matte in “She’s So Matte”


Smith’s Strawberry Lip Balm

Both of them are always in my purse and I wear the strawberry lip balm daily. I picked it up at Sephora a few months ago and it has become a product I use daily and couldn’t live without now. The Le Matte was ( I think) a special edition spring collection from L’Oreal because I can’t find them anywhere now. It is a gorgeous matte pink! I typically put on the strawberry lip balm first and then the matte color. It keeps my lips hydrated and helps the color last longer. Even without the lip balm, I get all day wear out of L’Oreal le matte lip color.

She's so Matte lip color

DSCN3968 (2)

What are your current lip favorites?


Lip & Cheek Colors

Nothing beats a good lip and cheek color…

Erzulie lip colors

I really L-O-V-E all these colors but I find myself reaching for Megastar the most because it is actually a gloss and it has a hint of peppermint oil in it!! The other three, Gia, Jesi, and Doris are lip and cheek colors. All of these lip colors are from Erzulie Natural Cosmetics.

Gorgeous right?

You can find these pretty babies:



  • Natural & Organic
  • Moisturizing
  • High Pigment
  • Color does not fade

I do hope you’re having an amazing week. Last week of school for me. I am currently waiting for my Professor to annotate my final research paper so I can correct and wipe my hands clean of this quarter!!!!