Loving, Loathing, and Lusting (July)

Hello Loves,

It’s the last day in July and , to me, this year is flying by far too fast.

Today , sugar pops, I present to you “Loving, Loathing, and Lusting” which I think is pretty self explanatory. This post is dedicated to things I am loving, loathing, and lusting after.

Let’s start off sweet shall we…


miggi 5.2 

miggi 5

Our son turned 5. It was the best party ever and he had a blast!! It was despicable me minion themed and if you are wondering, yes that cake was divine. We had a huge water slide and bounce house to entertain all the little minions that were running rampant. My husband and I had just as much fun as our son did flying down that slide and crashing into ice cold water. By the time we opened presents, he saw the bowling set and decided it was time to wrap things up and go inside and bowl!!

Now for beauty wise…

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.3 1

Khroma Beauty Honeystick in “Blackberry Honey” and Apocalips in “Stellar”. I love these two lip lacquers. The Khroma honeystick is infused with real honey so it smells and yes, it tastes like real honey. It is as smooth as butter, so don’t be put off by the honey that is in it. The Apocalips is amazingly pigmented and is long lasting, I love everything about it. Thank you again Rosie .

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.8

Apocalips in “Stellar”

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.7

Khorma Honeystick in “Blackberry Honey”

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1 1

Avene Thermal Spring Water. It has saved me many times from these sizzling summer temperatures. I give a quick spritz to my face, arms, and legs (if wearing shorts) and I feel instantly refreshed. If you are interested in more Avene products you can read more about them in my post  “From the Beauty in Germany”

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.2 1 australis collage 1

Australis-Neutrals and Neons eyeshadow and eyeliner kit. This pallet is amazing and thank you Rosie for sending me such an amazing product! xo You can use the neutrals on your lids and then line your eyes in neon or be a daredevil and use the neon on your lids as well!

red top

These threads. I love the red, blue, and gold. I simply love everything about it.

OKAY, now for the not so sweet…

LOATHING… DUN DUN DUN (hopefully you got that…)

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.1 1

Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder. This didn’t work out for me like I had hoped it would. I read all the reviews and how amazing it was and I thought “I need some of that in my life…” but it definitely wasn’t what I needed. Why? Because it left my skin chalky and it didn’t really help with making my skin look matte. This is the “Translucent” color, so regardless of skin tone it shouldn’t leave your skin looking chalky. I wanted to love it, but as for now I am loathing it.

Now, what am I longing for?


oregon coast

I am craving and longing for the Oregon coast. It is one of my favorite places to be on earth. My husband, son, and I go once a year. Our trip is right around the corner!!

What are you loving, loathing, and lusting?

X’s and O’s


Textured Nails & Wild Flowers

Hello Loves,

As of late I have been more than interested in nail polish and nail art. I became interested in them because of the amazing nail art I see on Instagram and here on WordPress.

I have been wanting to try a textured nail polish and nail art appliques (cheating, I know!! But the designs are so neat)!!

Here is what I found at my local store…

Nail blog post

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat textured nail polish & Revelon Nail Art 3D art appliques.

I was so excited that I was able to find this textured nail polish. I have seen textured nails on Instagram and have looked at the nail polishes and some of them are pretty pricey. The Sugar Coat nail polish was $9 at Walgreen’s and I thought it wouldn’t be too big of a loss if I loathed it.

Sugar coat nails

I really love this nail polish. The color I have on is “Cherry Drop”.

Love and Loathe of Sugar Coat nail polish:


  • It is textured
  • It only takes two coats, and you could get away with one if you are in a hurry
  • The color is bright


  • When it chips, IT CHIPS!! It chips in big chunks so you have to repaint it.

Moving on…

I couldn’t walk out of the store without these nail appliques. I needed them in my life and on my nails as soon as I saw them.

revelon nail stickers

Love and Loathe of Revlon Nail Appliques:


  • The design
  • No dry time
  • The do last quite some time once applied


  • The nail appliques are “one size fits all” so applying them can be difficult when it comes to finding the right size
  • When I applied them I had to stretch some of the appliques to actually fit my finger
  • Filing them down can be annoying because you may end up accidentally filing of some of the design

I enjoyed both of these items. However, I prefer the Sugar Coat polish of the Revlon Nail Appliques. Why? They both cost me $9 and I feel like I get and have gotten more use out of the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Polish versus the one time use of the appliques.

I always say try it, you may like it, what doesn’t work for me may work wonders for you.

What nail polish or art have you found that you love?

X’s and O’s

Beauty Behind a Good Skin Care Regimen

I have been beauty obsessed since I was in high school. Like many teenagers, I had acne. I went to countless dermatologist visits and eventually we found a treatment that worked. However, that treatment did not teach me the importance of taking care of my skin on my own without the aide of medicines and creams. Even after my acne cleared up and I said farewell to all medicines and creams, I still did not know how to take care of my skin. About a year ago, I went into Sephora and one of the consultants asked me what my skin care regimen was. I just stared at her “My what?”. She looked at me and said “It is important that you have a skin care regimen because your skin is your canvas, it needs to be taken care of!”. I was embarrassed but more than happy to be enlightened. It makes perfect sense that you cannot expect to “pile on the makeup”, so to speak, and not have it affect your skin. I quickly came to the realization, with the help of the beauty consultant, that I need to take care of my skin in order to get the optimal results from the makeup I use.

These are the products she introduced me to and it would be hard to live without them…

skin care

The Clarisonic and Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 3% face wash. These two items have helped keep my skin clear and radiant.

Love & Loathe of the Clarisonic:


  • How well it cleans my pores
  • Keeps my skin radiant
  • Increases product absorption
  • Helps with oily areas, dry skin patches, and of course blemishes


  • The price (Can range from $109-$120, but the money is well spent and could be something to save for)

Love and Loathe of Peter Thomas Roth face wash:


  • Soften and exfoliates skin
  • Evens out complexion
  • Clears skin blemishes
  • Has anti-aging properties


  • Very drying to skin when you first start using it (A lot of face washes have that affect though)

To keep my face moisturized I use all natural shea butter.

shea butter  shea butter jar

Shea butter has numerous benefits, a few are:

  • Helps heal scars and burns
  • Rejuvenates skin pores and adds elasticity
  • Ideal for dry skin, dermatitis,eczema and sunburn

Love and Loathe of Shea Butter:


  • Moisturizing benefits
  • Does not cause my skin to break out


  • If you apply it to your face, it make take a few minutes for it to soak in so your skin doesn’t look overly oily

Remember: Your skin is your canvas and you want to have a clean, well taken care of canvas. Remove your makeup and moisturize your skin. My skin care regimen may not work for you but that doesn’t mean that there is not one out there for you!!

What do you use for your skin that has shown amazing results?

X’s and O’s