POP Purple Lashes {I Love It…}

My interest in colored lashes was piqued by this article in the August issue of InStyle Mag…

purple mascara 4

This article can be found on page 182.

My eye was instantly drawn to the purple mascara. I love all the colors…but the purple one is my fave!! As I said, purple is one of my favorite colors, but, I also wanted it for my eyes because it helps make my brown eyes pop.

The other day I was perusing through Fred Meyer and I saw that Rimmel had a new display for Extra POP Lash mascara and it comes in 4 color shades…

pop mascara

Each one is $3.49

Of course, I got the purple one. Mainly because I didn’t want to buy the green and blue until I had tried the product out.

purple mascara pop

purple mascara pop 2

What does it look like on?

purple mascara 2

The color is electric and I love it. I used a neon blue eyeshadow on my bottom lash line and also coated my bottom lashes using the pop purple mascara.

purple mascara 3.1

purple mascara 1

I lined my top lash line using a liner from Flower Beauty in the color Aubergine. It is an eggplant purple color.

purple liner

Flower beauty products are affordable and are high quality.

purple over black mascara 1

I also wore it yesterday, but I put my black mascara on first and it gave the purple a more subtle effect.

I love everything about this mascara and I will be purchasing the green and blue. It’s a fun way to add a pop of color to your day!!

Do you have any colored mascaras? If so, what color(s)?

X’s and O’s


Loving, Loathing, and Lusting (July)

Hello Loves,

It’s the last day in July and , to me, this year is flying by far too fast.

Today , sugar pops, I present to you “Loving, Loathing, and Lusting” which I think is pretty self explanatory. This post is dedicated to things I am loving, loathing, and lusting after.

Let’s start off sweet shall we…


miggi 5.2 

miggi 5

Our son turned 5. It was the best party ever and he had a blast!! It was despicable me minion themed and if you are wondering, yes that cake was divine. We had a huge water slide and bounce house to entertain all the little minions that were running rampant. My husband and I had just as much fun as our son did flying down that slide and crashing into ice cold water. By the time we opened presents, he saw the bowling set and decided it was time to wrap things up and go inside and bowl!!

Now for beauty wise…

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.3 1

Khroma Beauty Honeystick in “Blackberry Honey” and Apocalips in “Stellar”. I love these two lip lacquers. The Khroma honeystick is infused with real honey so it smells and yes, it tastes like real honey. It is as smooth as butter, so don’t be put off by the honey that is in it. The Apocalips is amazingly pigmented and is long lasting, I love everything about it. Thank you again Rosie .

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.8

Apocalips in “Stellar”

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.7

Khorma Honeystick in “Blackberry Honey”

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1 1

Avene Thermal Spring Water. It has saved me many times from these sizzling summer temperatures. I give a quick spritz to my face, arms, and legs (if wearing shorts) and I feel instantly refreshed. If you are interested in more Avene products you can read more about them in my post  “From the Beauty in Germany”

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.2 1 australis collage 1

Australis-Neutrals and Neons eyeshadow and eyeliner kit. This pallet is amazing and thank you Rosie for sending me such an amazing product! xo You can use the neutrals on your lids and then line your eyes in neon or be a daredevil and use the neon on your lids as well!

red top

These threads. I love the red, blue, and gold. I simply love everything about it.

OKAY, now for the not so sweet…

LOATHING… DUN DUN DUN (hopefully you got that…)

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.1 1

Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder. This didn’t work out for me like I had hoped it would. I read all the reviews and how amazing it was and I thought “I need some of that in my life…” but it definitely wasn’t what I needed. Why? Because it left my skin chalky and it didn’t really help with making my skin look matte. This is the “Translucent” color, so regardless of skin tone it shouldn’t leave your skin looking chalky. I wanted to love it, but as for now I am loathing it.

Now, what am I longing for?


oregon coast

I am craving and longing for the Oregon coast. It is one of my favorite places to be on earth. My husband, son, and I go once a year. Our trip is right around the corner!!

What are you loving, loathing, and lusting?

X’s and O’s