Baby Bump Elegance

Baby Bump Elegance
Allow me to enlighten you to the fact that maternity clothes are expensive. Which is surprising because you aren’t going to wear them forever. Regardless of that, I still want to be able to have affordable and stylish maternity wear.
I know a lot of people give the tip that “You should just buy a larger size”. I thought about it and realized that since the little one is due in October it would be a year before I could wear my summer clothes again. If I buy a larger size, they are going to be hanging off me the summer after I have the baby. I don’t mind loose fitting clothing but I don’t want my whole summer wardrobe to be loose fitting. I totally get that some people save money that way. I, myself, do not plan to save money that way. I invest in maternity clothes because I want to look and feel good!
I decided to hop on Polyvore and create a comfy yet classy outfit to wear during pregnancy. I like Polyvore because it provides links to the items you pick out. I found that dress is on clearance at Target for $19.00 so I went ahead and ordered one!
I thought the dress itself is very plain which is a good thing because it can be dressed up or laid back. I chose a more dressed up look with the gold and aqua accents. I added the pop of aqua to give it more of a summer vibe.
Simple yet chic.
I will start posting my outfits so you can get a better look at how I style myself throughout my pregnancy!

Clothing, Pregnancy, and Organizing

Pregnancy is not the end of your style…


In all honesty, at about 11 weeks my normal clothes started to irritate me. I knew I would soon be buying maternity clothes but before I even went out and bought a new maternity wardrobe (I don’t suggest doing that) I took a peek in my closet.

I thought of some tips that will help you sift through your closet and decide what you want to do with your clothing.

Go through your closet. If you have not worn it in a year chances are you will probably not being wearing it this year either. There were a lot of items in my closet that were just sitting there looking pretty. I made a pile to give away and a pile to sell on my Threadflip account. There were a few pairs of shoes and a couple of shirts and dresses that I wanted to sell because the items were only worn once. The items I chose to give away are gently used items that need to go to someone who will actually use them.

Pregnancy is not the end of your style. Please do not get this idea that pregnant women cannot be fashionable, because we can be! There are plenty of affordable,stylish maternity clothes for mamas to be.

Some of your current tops may fit you throughout your pregnancy. I have quite a few loose fitting or strechy tops hanging in my closet that I find comfortable enough to wear while I am pregnant. I am always about comfort but even more so now that I am growing a human. Go through your closet and decide on which items you may be able to wear throughout your pregnancy. None of my jeans fit, but I have quite a few tops and dresses I will continue to wear.

Don’t assume you will never get back to your pre-pregnancy size. Don’t go giving away or selling your pre-pregnancy clothes because you are now pregnant! Chances are you will fit back into your most comfy pre-pregnancy jeans quicker than you think.

Space bags are an awesome way to store your pre-pregnancy clothes. I don’t like a lot of clutter, especially in my room. I would rather have something look almost bare instead of fill it with a bunch of unneeded items. After going through my closet and getting rid of stuff I won’t ever wear again I put the stuff I will wear after the baby comes into space bags.

What the heck is a space bag?


I found a few boxes of space bags at home depot on clearance for $3 and that I would give them a try. You can really use space bags for just about anything but I use them for clothes because obviously I have a shopping problem. I honestly buy more clothes than I do makeup, shocking right?!

You can put a whole seasons wardrobe into an extra large space bag and it will deduce it to this:


All you need is a vacum to the suck the air out an you can store it almost anywhere. I just store mine underneath my bed because I am not a fan of totes. However, if I were to store them in the garage or attic then I would put the space bag in a tote first.


Keep in mind that these tips can be used for organizing your room as well. Trust me, it’s really easy. I am a walking contradiction because I don’t like clutter but I am not an organized person when it comes things such as my closet. Find an organizational method that you like can help you become organized which is what I am doing!

How do you organize and store your clothing?

Curls, Red Lips, and Where Have I been?

Good Morning Beauties wherever you are! It is so nice to be back on the blogsphere. There were things going on in my life that caused me to put my blog on the back burner. When I write a post I like to put thought and energy into it. Simply, I don’t like doing a half ass job on anything that has my name attached to it.

The weather if finally warming up here in the Evergreen State and the burn of the sun could not be anymore welcomed!

DSCN3932 (2)

I took this picture on Monday and that is the first day in awhile that I have done a full face of makeup. I also tried a new method of curling my hair and when I took it out in the morning I thought “What the hell have I done?” and then I fell in love with it. It takes me awhile to get use to even the simplest of hair changes.

Eyes: I used Coastal Scents 120 Palette #5. Let me say this, I was not too impressed with the color pay off. Even after using NYX eyeshadow base the peach color was still very subtle. I have noticed that the colors from the palette either have great color pay off or it is so subtle even after slathering it on.

Lips: I used Jordana’s Easyliner for lips in “Sedona Red” and Wet n Wild’s lipstick in Cherry Picking. Believe me when I tell you that Wet n Wild lipsticks have great pigment! I think they range anywhere from 69 cents (on sale) to $1 and some change.

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony. I L-O-V-E the pomade. Gives me amazing brows and I don’t have to worry about smudging or fading. My friend Amy of Llewsoba has an amazing review of the pomade up on her blog. I feel like the pomade has been reviewed a lot and her review is in depth with a lot of information and honestly, the best one I have seen. I may be bias because she is a blogging bestie of mine 😉 but she is pretty amazing!!

So, alas, the main reason as to why I have been M.I.A………

baby bump

I am growing a human!!!!

I am out of the first trimester, zombie phase and finally feel like I am normalizing again. I had posted this pic to my Twitter and Facebook page so follow me on either of those if you want to see what I do everyday in my glamorous (okay, not really) life!! I will write a separate post recapping my first trimester for those pregnant mamas out there  xo

Anything new with you?

Marilyn Meets Johnny

The prettiest bras on the planet…

Awhile ago I got into touch with the designer of Marilyn Meets Johnny. Sophie, who is the designer, started making bras 2 years ago after going to a Pussy Cat Dolls concert. Before she had a successful business, she was making these gorgeous bras for the girls at her work. Sophie decided that she was going to put one on Ebay and it sold right away. Within 2 months, she had a full order book and she quit her full time job to make bras full time and ship them to ladies all over the world. Sophie started this business with only $40. Her, and the two other ladies she works with, live in Liverpool, UK.  Real Swarovski crystals or DMC mirror glass pieces are used and the bras covered in sequins are hand sewn.

These bras are amazing and one of a kind. Sophie has had offers to have everything made in China but she has declined because she wants her customers to be able to choose their own design and to keep a reasonable price tag on items. The sizes she has for bras are 30A – 42G.  She can bling anything!!

Bras are not the only things that are are blinged out by Marilyn Meets Johnny. They have a full selection of items including gloves, masks, high waist spanks, briefs, thongs, g-strings, heels, and the list goes on.

When Marilyn Meets Johnny approached me, to say I was excited to be on board is a complete understatement. I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t want a gorgeous sparkling bra?

I was instantly drawn to the Rhianna Carnival Bra collection. I got the Rhianna crystal bralet. From the name, you can tell this collection is inspired by Rhianna herself!!

marilyn meets johnny 5 ET

Like I said, the most gorgeous bras on the planet! No matter where you are, one can be shipped to you. Marilyn Meets Johnny ships worldwide.

marilyn meets johnny 4

I really like these bras because they can be fashioned in so many different ways. You can wear it alone for some extreme fun or style it like I have with high waisted shorts and a button up sleeveless shirt over it. Spring and the dead heat of summer cannot come fast enough. I am just waiting to show this bra off and not freeze.

marilyn meets johnny

If you have yet to notice, I love everything from Marilyn Meets Johnny. Everything from their shop is unique and gorgeous. Whether you need a little spice or a little fun, trust me, Marilyn Meets Johnny can make it happen for you.

Top reasons why I love Marilyn Meets Johnny:

  • Hand designed
  • Ships worldwide
  • You can custom design your own item
  • A wide range of sizes 30A-42G
  • Comfortable and crafted well
  • Many different styles to choose from (seriously, the possibilities are endless)
  • You can even send your own shoes to Marilyn Meets Johnny to have crystals put on them ( Like This )
  • And last, but certainly not least, everyone needs a blinged out bra

Visit them today at: MARILYN MEETS JOHNNY

Follow them on Twitter: @MMJDIVALICIOUS

Cinnamon Bun

I have always loved the look of a bun, whether messy or neat.

cinnamon bun

I am learning that my hair does well with protective styling. What is protective styling? It is when you style the hair to protect it from any damaging elements. Which can be wind, snow, rain, sun, or even just everyday manipulation through styling. The styles you create can last a day or weeks, depending how you want to rock it.

Anyways, I had my hair out earlier today but decided to put it up because it started snowing outside. I didn’t want my hair to become a cold, frizzy mess so I went on the hunt for an easy style that I could do.

If you have natural hair, make sure you check out Whitney’s channel called Naptural85. She has videos from when she first got her big chop all the way to the gorgeous mane of hair she has now!

She had a video about simple styles to do for school or work and I liked how she did her bun. So I took my chances and attempted to do it myself. My hair was already stretched because it was in a twist out. I put my hair in a high pony tail and then started wrapping my ends around and pinning them in place to make it into a bun. It’s a really simple, quick style that you can wear high on your head or low depending on the look you are going for!!

In the end it reminded me of a cinnamon bun.

cinnamon bun 2

I had to bobby pin my little hairs in the back so they wouldn’t stray! And I added a headband just for some flare!!

Do you wear protective styles? How do you protect your hair from everyday wear and tear?


A gorgeous purse and eye catching jewelry always make me smile…

luxe 2

I won a giveaway not that long ago that was hosted by Mo from Belle of the Bean. She has some amazing style and this giveaway was a big win for me!!! I have been on the hunt for new, affordable jewelry but I haven’t found anything that spoke to me. When Mo announced this giveaway, I had to enter because every single item was screaming that it needed to be in my life!!

Above you see: a purse from Arden B., a necklace and bracelet set from Arden B., necklace and earrings from Adorned Boutique, and a necklace that says “DREAM” from BCBGenteration.

Thank you so much Mo!! I love each of the pieces!!

Ladies and Gents, go check out her blog Belle of the Bean for your daily dose of dopeness xo