I love going to a shop and finding things that speak to me…

I went to my favorite thrift shop and picked up some new treasures. I have found that thrift shops that are like boutiques have much better finds.

World Market Bag

Patina is a local thrift shop that always has the most unique items. The owner of the shop had this bag on her sorting rack. I knew it wasn’t out yet but I had to check it out because it was so unique and vibrant…needless to say I brought it home with me.  My birthday is right around the corner so this bag is going to be incorporated into my birthday outfit!!

statement makeup

I also picked up this statement necklace. I love the gold and the the sprinkles of paint on the circle piece. I purchased this to go with a dress I also bought that is straight from the 90’s. There is nothing like finding an amazing statement piece at an affordable price.

Remember, thrift shops can be your best friend. I am on a budget and I want to get the most bang for my buck and thrift shops provide me with that.  Plus, I really like vintage pieces and unique things and thrift shops, like Patina, feed my craving.

Do you go thrift shopping? What have you found that you love?


The Sun and A Pop Of Color

Just because the weather may suck during winter doesn’t mean your color selection has to as well…

pop of color

I know it’s so cliche to talk about the weather but the weather here has been absolutely beautiful! I enjoy the sun while it is out  and so does my little dog Cairo.

Even if the sun wasn’t out, I would still wear my bright yellow shirt and bright blue scarf. I think it’s ridiculous that when the weather changes people stop wearing bright and cheery colors. I think everyday deserves a little pop of color!

Do you switch the colors in your wardrobe from season to season?

Blue Knit

I love knit just as much as I love lace…

winter ready

I am in love with knit clothing items! During this winter season I crave all things cozy. Probably the one thing I love about winter is the clothing. Since I am not meant for weather conditions such as snow, ice, and rain I have started to learn the art of layering. Oh, what? You didn’t know I was meant to be running around on a beach with sand between my toes! A girl can dream right?!

Anyways, so what sparked my interest in layering? This very picture right here:

free people layering

I saw a post on how to layer on the Free People Blog during the summer and I fell in love.

Then I also saw this Vogue ad and thought she looked so AMAZING:

vogue layering

Layering is really simple. It looks complicated because of the amount of threads you’re dealing with but it is all about what makes you feel cozy and comfortable during these cold winter months! Stay tuned for more posts on layering and other winter style favorites.

Stay Warm,


Something Blue {Wednesday’s Threads}

My favorite jacket…

I am an avid reader of Diana’s website Manhattan Image and Style she writes about everything from personal improvement and inspiration to beauty and style tips. I was on her website yesterday and she had this amazing outfit on , the plaid and leather made me swoon.

I have a leather jacket that I purchased a few years ago from T. J. Maxx and so I decided to run with Diana’s idea and create my own look…

blue leather stamp

blue leather 1stamp

blue leather 2 stamp

I absolutely love this jacket!! I am the type of person that wears bright colors all year around regardless of whether or not the leaves are falling.

Etta’s Style Advice: You don’t have to go out and spend a ton of money on an outfit. You can use pieces that you bought a few years ago and add them to new pieces. If I see something I like, for example Diana’s outfit, I try and recreate with what I have and put my own style into it.  Your style is what sets you apart!!

Stay Inspired,

Etta xo

Intricate Detail

I love this blouse. Needless to say, I have a love affair with lace.

intricate detail

intricate detail 2

intricate detail 3

I was setting the self timer and it got me!!

Hope ya’ll are doing well. Missing the south, fall is starting to set in and I am the biggest baby when it comes to being cold.

What is your favorite season?

Loving, Loathing, and Lusting (July)

Hello Loves,

It’s the last day in July and , to me, this year is flying by far too fast.

Today , sugar pops, I present to you “Loving, Loathing, and Lusting” which I think is pretty self explanatory. This post is dedicated to things I am loving, loathing, and lusting after.

Let’s start off sweet shall we…


miggi 5.2 

miggi 5

Our son turned 5. It was the best party ever and he had a blast!! It was despicable me minion themed and if you are wondering, yes that cake was divine. We had a huge water slide and bounce house to entertain all the little minions that were running rampant. My husband and I had just as much fun as our son did flying down that slide and crashing into ice cold water. By the time we opened presents, he saw the bowling set and decided it was time to wrap things up and go inside and bowl!!

Now for beauty wise…

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.3 1

Khroma Beauty Honeystick in “Blackberry Honey” and Apocalips in “Stellar”. I love these two lip lacquers. The Khroma honeystick is infused with real honey so it smells and yes, it tastes like real honey. It is as smooth as butter, so don’t be put off by the honey that is in it. The Apocalips is amazingly pigmented and is long lasting, I love everything about it. Thank you again Rosie .

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.8

Apocalips in “Stellar”

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.7

Khorma Honeystick in “Blackberry Honey”

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1 1

Avene Thermal Spring Water. It has saved me many times from these sizzling summer temperatures. I give a quick spritz to my face, arms, and legs (if wearing shorts) and I feel instantly refreshed. If you are interested in more Avene products you can read more about them in my post  “From the Beauty in Germany”

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.2 1 australis collage 1

Australis-Neutrals and Neons eyeshadow and eyeliner kit. This pallet is amazing and thank you Rosie for sending me such an amazing product! xo You can use the neutrals on your lids and then line your eyes in neon or be a daredevil and use the neon on your lids as well!

red top

These threads. I love the red, blue, and gold. I simply love everything about it.

OKAY, now for the not so sweet…

LOATHING… DUN DUN DUN (hopefully you got that…)

loving, loathing, and lusting segment 1.1 1

Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder. This didn’t work out for me like I had hoped it would. I read all the reviews and how amazing it was and I thought “I need some of that in my life…” but it definitely wasn’t what I needed. Why? Because it left my skin chalky and it didn’t really help with making my skin look matte. This is the “Translucent” color, so regardless of skin tone it shouldn’t leave your skin looking chalky. I wanted to love it, but as for now I am loathing it.

Now, what am I longing for?


oregon coast

I am craving and longing for the Oregon coast. It is one of my favorite places to be on earth. My husband, son, and I go once a year. Our trip is right around the corner!!

What are you loving, loathing, and lusting?

X’s and O’s

Neon Everything, Enough Said {Saturday’s Threads}

Hello Darling,

I hope your day is going well wherever you are at this very moment. Thanks for sharing a piece of your day with me!!

I adore neon things. If I would have grown up in the 80’s I would have been in heaven. Regardless of what era we are in though, I love neon things.

neon ankle for blog neon ankle for blog 3

neon ankle for blog 2

neon ankle for blog 4

Everything you see on my body is from American Eagle.

My jeans can be found: Here

I couldn’t find a replacement for my blouse. Sorry bout that, I bought it from their clearance rack.

Shoes: Similar

Do you like to wear bright colors or do you wear an array of colors? What are your favorite colors to wear?

Bright colors are my favorite, but I have a little bit of everything in my closet!!

X’s and O’s