I love going to a shop and finding things that speak to me…

I went to my favorite thrift shop and picked up some new treasures. I have found that thrift shops that are like boutiques have much better finds.

World Market Bag

Patina is a local thrift shop that always has the most unique items. The owner of the shop had this bag on her sorting rack. I knew it wasn’t out yet but I had to check it out because it was so unique and vibrant…needless to say I brought it home with me.  My birthday is right around the corner so this bag is going to be incorporated into my birthday outfit!!

statement makeup

I also picked up this statement necklace. I love the gold and the the sprinkles of paint on the circle piece. I purchased this to go with a dress I also bought that is straight from the 90’s. There is nothing like finding an amazing statement piece at an affordable price.

Remember, thrift shops can be your best friend. I am on a budget and I want to get the most bang for my buck and thrift shops provide me with that.  Plus, I really like vintage pieces and unique things and thrift shops, like Patina, feed my craving.

Do you go thrift shopping? What have you found that you love?


The Houndstooth Dress {My Favorite}

As soon as I saw this dress, I needed it in my life and on my body…


Firstly, I love the collar of this dress. It is what initially caught my eye.

houndstooth 2

Secondly, I love the fact that this dress has pockets. It makes it easier for when I am on the go and need to shove my phone and keys in my pocket ( I am always misplacing my phone and keys).

houndstooth 3

The collar wraps all the way around to the back of the dress. LOVE IT!!

I had originally wore this dress for my graduation with some red heels. Unfortunately, the heels were not as comfortable as I was hoping them to be. I will settle for Tieks any given day though.

Overall I love this dress!! It is one of my favorites and can be worn all year round, which is a total plus for me.

Interested in the dress and shoes?

I purchased the dress from ModCloth, if you are not familiar with them they sell vintage style clothing. You can visit the ModCloth website and find the Coach Tour Dress in Houndstooth there. ModCloth is an amazing site, not just because of their clothes, they also have outstanding customer service. I purchased this dress for my college graduation. When I got it in the mail there was a fain red spot on it. My husband told me “Don’t worry about it, no one can even see it”. I knew it wasn’t that big of a deal and I probably could have gotten the stain out myself, but I paid for it. I contacted ModCloth and told them about the issue. They were extremely nice and understanding and they sent me a brand new dress over night so that I could have it in time for my graduation. A lot of companies don’t have that type of customer service. If they do, it comes with a cost or a headache. I was worry free and had my dress hours before my graduation. ModCloth is definitely a company I enjoy buying from!

I purchased the shoes a few years ago from a ballet flat company called Tieks. Honestly, they are the most comfortable pair of flats I have ever worn and they are beyond durable. I have worn them through all types of weather and all they end of needing is a little buffing. I highly recommend them, visit the Tieks website and stare at their beautiful array of colored and patterned flats. To me, they are well worth the money.

Tea Time-50’s Style

50's style board

Vintage clothing leaves me feeling nostalgic. There will always be something captivating to me when it comes to vintage clothing. I create a lot of Polyvore style inspiration boards and I felt this dress would be perfect.

Why I used this as inpiration:

  • The design. I love how it is form fitting.
  • Normally not one to like polka dots, but I really love the polka dot pattern on this dress.
  • I like how it is not just purely polka dots and it is broken up with the all black section of material on the torso and the black collar. Also there are black buttons on the front of the dress.
  • If I were to own this dress, I feel it would be versatile. You can wear it with heels or flats or you can pair different colors to it to add a pop of color. During the winter months you can add a cardigan and it would still look nice.
  • Perfect date night dress

I think this dress would be great accessorized with red heels (cause they add a certain appeal to an outfit), pearl necklace and earrings, white clutch, and some red polish. Also, even though I am not fond of polka dots on everything the pattern is trending right now. It hasn’t gone out of style FOR YEARS so there is some appeal to it. To me, it just depends on the article of clothing and how big the polka dots are.

For my makeup and hair I would go total pin-up girl!!!

If you are interested in this dress, you can find it here and if you are just interested in looking around the website check out the Hip Hop 50’s Shop .

Do you like vintage clothing? If so, what time period is your favorite?

How do you feel about polka dots?


It’s a beautiful Saturday morning…

A few months ago I started browsing around on the internet for vintage and discounted designer clothing. I love vintage clothing and until I am completely finished with college I can’t always afford to buy designer items. While doing my research I stumbled upon a website called Threadflip  and I immediately fell in love. They have all things vintage and designer. Threadflip is a site that you can buy new or previously owned items. Not only can you buy but you can sell as well. My closet is slowly growing as I add more things . The website is very easy to navigate and you can find items from Christian Louboutin to Urban Outfitters. Shipping is free, unless specified by seller. I must warn you though, look at this site when you have time to sit and browse…for hours. It is almost as addicting as Pinterest. The only downside I have found about this website is that not every seller accepts returns so you have to be sure you want an item so you don’t have to worry about returning it.


I love the website and have purchased quite a few items off of it. My favorite seller is Kimko Foz check out her closet . If you like any of the items above, simply search for their names on the Threadflip website.

Enjoy the sun!! xo